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Nitya Brighenti

Nitya Brighenti graduated in Architecture in Venice.

He taught perspective and architectural composition for several years in Trieste.


In the 1960's he painted cubist tableaux inspired by the work of Picasso. 
In the 1970's he worked with poor materials easily available, replacing commercial brushes, fine art colors and canvas with hand-made knives and industrial paint on cardboard and wrapping paper. 

In the 1980's he organized several public performances combined with exhibitions and documentation: “St. George and the dragon” (Muggia); “Contact” with actors of the Living Theatre (Trieste); “Ennagramma” on Gurdjeff’s work (Turin). 


He took classes at the Art League of New York in the 80's and at Lama Tsering Institute tangka painting, Katmandhu in 1990.


A Solo exhibition at Ferdinandeo Palace titled "The Body" in Trieste, 1985.

Correspondence with psychologist Mario Carotenuto and painting with the patients of the Psychiatric Hospital of Trieste during the anti-psychiatric movement.

In 1987, he relocated to New York City. 

In Rovereto in 1991 Nitya organized a solo exhibition inspired by the work of Giordano Bruno, with intervention of actors.

He moved to Oahu in 2002.

Inspired by a strong interest in Turner and the texts of Ruskin, his work here has been primarily in watercolor landscapes

and oil portraiture. His work was shown in Hawaii at the Academy of Arts, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and the Shaefer Challenge.


In 2013 he presented the KGB Series at the Gallery on the Pali. Relevant writing of Prof. KAthy Ferguson on the exhibition.

in 2015 a one man exhibition titled "Suso in Italia bella" at the Gallery on the Pali.


In 2016 he moved w his wife and partner and their three cats to Vermont.
His work has been shown in Vermont in various galleries in Montpelier, Stowe, Barre and Rutland.

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